Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what a nice day...

lolx.. today on leave for hanging out with my old frens..
this is the first time i on leave for this reason..
we go singk together..
alot of funny song we sang just now..
after that, we go to khuntai eat for our dinner..
although just few hours we met together,
but really memorable..

tomorrow go eat HOKKIEN MEE n SHOPPING with sk!!
recently almost spend the time in popular when going to shopping..
finding the books i want.. lolx..
but reli keksim cos i mis the book fair.. aiks..
when i like to read??

tomorrow my time quite pek,
night going out with my f6's frens..
eat buffet, FAT!!!!!!!!

after back here few weeks,
everyday my parents reli buy me the nice food+fruits..
make me eat non-stop..
oh, CHAM...
i become a fat+faT+fAT+FAT GIRL..
nvm, i have mayfair.. hahahahaha...

last week, happened some pity+STUPID things..
reli BAD!!!
i almost want kisiao..
anyway, pass oredy..
forget oredy..
its ok, nvm..
now i have my wonderful days..

stop here LA..^^