Monday, June 27, 2011


recently, i feel my life is meaningless~~
although learn a lot of new thing like
auto cad, wiring, relay control and so on~~
all of thing i haven't learn in my course,
but everyday go at 9am, then back at 5pm,
one word can describe: boring

now, i'm staying in outside with my faculty's friends
maybe i still can't suit to this kind of life
so feel quite hard and quite sad
my 2years roommate
don't know why i feel so strange with her
is it i make her angry from something
i not brave to ask and i feel so hurt when she doesn't want to talk with me
hope everything will pass soon

iPhone 5 is coming out soon
but dislike the pattern
thought want to buy iPhone 5
but i more prefer iPhone 4
thinking* thinking*
still have 3more weeks
then it's my 2months holidays
but i still need to stay in malacca for my job..
i will SABAR for this 2months!!!!!