Monday, August 30, 2010

Past, Now and Future

UNI LIFE, quite fantastic n funny..
y say so, maybe it suites me..
i get my freedom for late sleep,
late back hostel
(although will get catch from the responsible guard),
crazy talk and yamcha with uni frens..
ya, i LOVE it..
cos no more cinderella..

RECENTLY, i think n think..
maybe i m wrong and wana say sorry..
sorry for my attitude...
cos its hurts u, i know..
and i know that cannot turn back anymore..

SOMETIMES, i miss my frens..
they all are busy,
and we look like lost contact..
but i reli MISS them...
please forgive my nonsence...
maybe sometimes i just duno how to express my feel..
cos im pure virgo baby....

TODAY, i miss my home..
i miss everything about my home..
although last time always happened some bad thing
and alot of bad memory in my mind..
but PASS already...

NOW, i m 21 clubs' member..
im going to chase my dream..
n hope i will DREAM come true...
although i already know the result..
i just dun want to give up..

im emo-ing..
Just wana say:

u r not me,
so u wont understand me..
even though u say u understand me,
but i dun think so..
so please dun always say u know me well...